Dr Ali Nankali


This invention is related to controlling different types of movements, traffics or warning people (pedestrians or drivers) or devices using

a combination of altered light sources for saving energy.

It is common knowledge that the main type of traffic light is a traditional standing traffic light with its three different colours, which

has many advantages and controls the movements of pedestrians, vehicles and many other types of carriers entirely.

In the past decades, the numbers of population and cars have rocketed dramatically which leads to an increasing amount of traffic lights
spectacularly. This increase has become considerably important because of the amount of required energy. This creates an alarm to

professionals due to its complications regarding air pollution or global warming.

In this invention a new type of system for controlling traffics is illustrated, which is unique in its way and has some unique advantages that

is focused on decreasing the amount of energy usage.

The system is under research and development.