Dr Ali Nankali


Tooth roots hardness property is one of the major issues for the rational application of modern post system constructions. Knowing the roots harnesses helps to understand the amount of pressure that the root tissue can tolerate. The hardness was determined by Dr. Ali Nankali using a mechanical testing at “Burevisnik” factory in Kiev in 2001. The teeth have been collected in the Central Stomatology Clinic of National Medical University (NMU) in Kiev under the medical indications.

This investigation shows the maximum pressure that roots can tolerate, is considerably exceeds the functional masticatory force.

The research shows that the roots’ hardness and durability for frontal teeth (incisors and canines) is approximately 12.5% higher than other (posteriors) group.

The horizontal surface of a frontal tooth is less than the sum of the same surface are in a multiple roots tooth (premolars and molars). This issue simply explain that the higher level of hardness and durability compensate the lack of horizontal section area.