Dr Ali Nankali

This invention is related to the protection of societies and environment against Tsunamis.

It is common knowledge that tsunami is a series of waves that generate in sea or ocean as a result of dramatic water displacement,

which is caused by different types of natural event such as: landslide, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The main concern is
that the tsunami wave can severely damage the environment, which leads to serious consequences including fatality and
environmental pollution.

In the past decades, many attempts were made to find a suitable solution to protect our environment from the tsunamis
complications. Thus, numerous different types of systems were suggested to deal with this issue, however, none of these
systems were adequate to stop the wave entirely. Planting trees and water barriers like seawalls are some of the examples
of such methods that are installed and are used against tsunami. Yet, these structures required a long period of time to construct
beside of their large cost and limitations which do not allow them to work effectively when there is a forceful unpredicted wave.
Another significant issue that needs to be pointed out is that in the situation when the wave passes these types of barriers, more
dramatic damages could follow consecutively towards our society. These serious reasons encourage scientists to continuing their
research in order to find the optimum solution against this particular type of natural disaster. Fortunately, the invented tsunami
warning systems work very adequately.

In this invention another type of system for preventing environment and societies against gigantic tsunami waves is used, which is
unique in its way and has its own advantages.